Docker OpenWrt Builder

Docker OpenWrt Builder

Build OpenWrt images in a Docker container. This is sometimes necessary when building OpenWrt on the host system fails, e.g. when some dependency is too new. The docker image is based on Debian 10 (Buster).

Build tested:

  • OpenWrt-21.02.2
  • OpenWrt-19.07.8
  • OpenWrt-18.06.9

A smaller container based on Alpine Linux is available in the alpine branch. But it does not build the old LEDE images.


  • Docker installed
  • running Docker daemon
  • build Docker image:
git clone
cd docker-openwrt-builder
docker build -t openwrt_builder .

Now the docker image is available. These steps only need to be done once.

Usage GNU/Linux

Create a build folder and link it into a new docker container:

mkdir ~/mybuild
docker run -v ~/mybuild:/home/user -it openwrt_builder /bin/bash

In the container console, enter:

git clone
cd openwrt
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a
make menuconfig
make -j4

After the build, the images will be inside ~/mybuild/openwrt/bin/target/.

Usage MacOSX

OpenWrt requires a case-sensitive filesystem while MacOSX uses a case-insensitive filesystem by default.

Create a disk image:

hdiutil create -size 20g -fs "Case-sensitive HFS+" -volname OpenWrt OpenWrt.dmg 
hdiutil attach OpenWrt.dmg

Then run:

docker run -v /volumes/openwrt:/home/user -it openwrt_builder /bin/bash


Usage Windows


Other Projects

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