lighttpd configure java web server

我的apache 2.061在window 2003 下老是报告错误,虽然也可以使用但感觉很不爽.错误入下,找了很久也没有办法,包括修复sockt也没用.报告队列中的错误: 错误应用程序 Apache.exe,版本,错误模块 ntdll.dll,版本 5.2.3790.3959,错误地一直想找一个替代apache的软件,最近看了lighttpd想用lighttpd来替代apache,先下放过资料.下载地址. . When to use lighttpd You can use lighttpd to secure access to your application server reduce load on your server by offloading static requests load balance your application servers use lighttpd’s spambot and bad bot blocking capabilities get more request rewriting and redirecting flexibility use … Continue reading "lighttpd configure java web server"

Configure lighttpd alias (mod_alias)

This lighttpd module provides for mapping different parts of the host filesystem in the document tree. You can use it for mapping various directories. For example cgi-bin directory mapped to /var/lib/cgi-bin. Configuration Open your lighttpd configuration file: vi /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf Append/add mod_ alias to list of server modules:server.modules += ( “mod_alias” ) Examples Add cgi-bin alias … Continue reading "Configure lighttpd alias (mod_alias)"